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The Seafoam is reminiscent of a flood of bubbles over a wedge of sand. We hope that it will remind you of that day on the beach when you finally had not a worry in the world. Its light blue colors, interestingly, fit well as part of just about any interior decor. If you wonder about how it will best fit in yours, send us a message.

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Swirling bubbles of the surf wave rolling over the sand on the beach, in the spot where the wave is winning over the dry land – this is what this piece is about. With only a small wedge of sand left in the swish of the bubbling water, it will make you remember that day on the beach when you watched the shallow wave gently roll over your feet. Or, it may make you want to feel this for the first time, or anew – it is up to you.

This masterpiece will fit well in a room with nearly any color wall – from pastel green to burgundy, where it will create a striking impression. We recommend a high gloss print for a light color room, while a larger canvas or high gloss print will look excellent in a dark walled room.


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