Salt Lake City

$49.99 - $375.99

The Salt Lake City is a unique and complicated piece of Liquid Art. It is delicate and unlike most other Liquid Art, it has distinctive patterns that resemble the cracked desert soil. The rare for TLC pieces purple coloration changes to blue and then to snowcapped white, and the yellow-green accents add a strange, foreign presence to the painting.

We recommend a high gloss variant and think that it would look best on a light wall, where its intricate pattern details would stand out particularly well. The piece will help accentuate a red pinstripe along the ceiling board, if you have one.


Placing the SLC into a theme category was a challenge. This masterpiece is as unique as it is complex. The slanted landscape with a remote horizon in the far right, the desert crust of the land in the lower left and the bright, almost acidic greens of the lakes – all together it makes the painting a standalone piece in our collection. Even though our first association when we saw it was with the Salt Lake City as it may look from space if it were on another planet, it may as well belong together with the Venus’ Horizon, which shares a bit of the same foreign landscape.

The SLC will look fantastic on a light colored wall, particularly on one accentuated by red pinstripe along the ceiling board. Pairing the Salt Lake with another Liquid Art will be a challenge and the choice will depend on the rest of your home decor.


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