Blue Swirl

$49.99 - $375.99

The Blue Swirl is rightfully one of our top choice masterpieces. The translucency of the blue wave brings such a feeling of lightness that it invites the viewer to examine the painting over and over again. Even though this piece contains very pronounced flowing elements, it doesn’t tend to send the viewer over to the next piece of art; instead, it makes the eye stay on the painting, following the swirling clockwise motion of the blue wave.


The Blue Swirl is one of our favorite pieces. Its blue is translucent, and the dynamic of the rolling wave is captivating. The light colored bubbles and the swirl of sediment carried by the wave accentuates the flowing movement of the blue wave. This masterpiece has a cool hue and looks beautiful on pastel walls of any shade, as well as on dark walls of any color except perhaps dark red. Even in that case you may wish to let us check the fit for you because the lighting and surrounding décor may lend themselves well to the addition of this piece.


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