Galactic Fold

$49.99 - $375.99

Large scale yet containing fine details, the Galactic Fold is a beautiful masterpiece that reminds of the vastness and mystery of the galaxies that we will never see. The planets and stars within its belts are so small and fragile in comparison with the forces that makes the belts bend and yield. The Fold looks great alongside other Cosmos artwork, and can be printed in a square variant if you would like to display it in combination with such pieces as the Skies of Mars or Venus’ or Neptune’s Horizon. High gloss variants are recommended to add depth to the dark belts of the Fold, and even relatively small size prints will look very nice.


The Galactic Fold is a mysterious, calm, and self-centered masterpiece in the Cosmos collection. Its large, bending belts of color contain planets and asteroids. The belts of the Fold yield gently to a ghostly veil of a nebula moving in from the left; a black hole is waiting silently in the upper right hand corner. Even though the Galactic Fold’s belts contain large areas of similar color, they also contain radial shading in the gold and yellow belt and numerous small elements in the darker belts, which lend themselves best to high gloss printing. This masterpiece has very neutral colors and can complement walls of any hue. Dark green walls may be more challenging for this painting, but if that is what you have and you like the Fold, let us know and we will model the appearance for you. It may fit surprisingly well.


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