Snowy Ridge

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The Snowy Ridge is one of our favorite masterpieces of the Winter series. The striking high contrast and the diagonal motive invite the eye to travel the Ridge, while the white icy bays cause your imagination to bring memories of cold winds, relentlessly punishing the wide open spaces. So, immerse into the scene, then emerge back and enjoy the hot coffee and the comfort of your beautiful home, where the Snowy Ridge is one of the best pieces.

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The Winter themes are cool, calm and settling. They make you feel the cold of the snowstorm, remember the gray of the winter sky, imagine the hardship of being above the Arctic Circle. The Snowy Ridge will draw your eye to the slanted ridge between the two icy bays, and subconsciously make you appreciate the comfort of your home, the warmth of your steaming cup of coffee, the coziness of the fireplace. Then you will look at it again and momentarily feel the sting of the icy wind on your cheek. Refreshed, you will move on with your day, just occasionally glancing over on your Snowy Ridge… wishing you were there.

This striking, high contrast masterpiece will look great on a dark wall, particularly in a large format high gloss variant. If you have light colored walls but like the Winter theme, the Snowy Ridge will look excellent in a Gallery variant, a clear face Supergloss mounted on a black backing.


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