Graphics and Image Services

Our Graphics and Image Services help our customers see how their rooms would look if our wall art is added. We also provide Photoshop design and digital photo enhancement services and limited logo design. Contact us if you would like a portrait prepared for printing, or if you have an old heirloom photo that you want recovered and enhanced.

We have a lot of experience restoring and enhancing photographs and will be glad to help you. We prefer that you provide us with a digital copy of your image. However, if you don’t have the means to produce a digital file, we can also work with the hard copy.

Preparing nature photographs, such as landscapes, for printing is an art form. We have been practicing it for over 30 years. Even so we are still learning new techniques and tricks every day. If you have a landscape photo you took that you think looks bland, send it to us and it may surprise you what it can be made to look like!

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