Anti Gravity

$49.99 - $375.99

Anti Gravity is a captivating, complicated masterpiece that tends to keep attention focused on itself. It does contain flow elements, but they are gentle and tend to wrap the movement of the eye around and lead the viewer to re-examine the painting over and over again. The viewer will discover previously unseen details every time, as the Anti Gravity contains a great number of small details, color variations and translucent interstitial space to help captivate the viewer.

Rich colors and fine details will stand out the best in high gloss variants, and this masterpiece will look great alone on a dark wall, or together with other self contained Cosmos theme paintings.


A noteworthy member of the Cosmos theme, Anti Gravity is a very bright masterpiece with a wide variety of contracting colors. A golden nebula at the upper left, surrounded by a translucent grey void, seems to pull away and deflect the bubbles of matter ascending from the more solid, dark red and black surface in the lower right corner. With only a hint of flow, this painting is quite self contained, and doesn’t actively make the viewer follow on to the next painting on the same wall. It will look very nice alongside some other, similarly self contained masterpieces of the Cosmos theme, such as the Asteroid Belt or Shockwave.

The wide array of bright colors makes Anti Gravity very versatile. It looks great on dark colored walls of all colors including the dark green, which can be especially challenging to decorate. Pastel colored walls will benefit as well, although a brightly lit light colored wall may be overwhelmed by this painting.


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