Cape Colorful

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Cape Colorful brings three fairly independent motives together in one painting. The large Cape, with its bright yellow and red linear features and purple tip with bubbles gives way to the linear currents at the top and slow, mellow cross-wise features at the bottom. The wide range of colors makes the painting very versatile and suitable for walls of any color.

Due to the large areas of relatively unchanging color, Cape Colorful can be printed well on canvas. High gloss finishes, however, help accentuate the deeper purple and the translucent blue areas.

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This highly attractive and mind boggling masterpiece doesn’t leave any viewer indifferent. It has elements of flow in several directions, and they are disrupted by a prominent “shoreline” that outlines the Cape itself. The flow on the bottom side of the Cape is in a completely different direction. These controversies make a perfectionist protest inside, yet they keep them glued to the painting, trying to understand why does it feel complete despite them. The bright colors of the upper part of the Cape add contrast to the masterpiece, accentuating the purples, which are a fairly infrequent occurrence in Anna’s paintings.

Cape Colorful fits very well on a wall of any color. Its intersecting flow directions can be used creatively to make it part of an ensemble of paintings, but it also looks excellent by itself.


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