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Random is exactly what the name says – a seemingly random blend of flows and colors. However, the flows are concentrates around and twist into or out of the central black rift area. The bright bands of color are visible from far away. Sharp bends and twists of the flows are aggressive and provocative, and deliver energy and mental stimulation. This painting is great for high activity areas or as a conversation starter in a large room.

The moderately aggressive nature and immensely fine detail level demand a large size, glossy implementation. Canvas is not particularly recommended. Square crop is possible and will not cause noticeable loss of impact.


One of the most complex and multifaceted pieces in our collection, Random is as unpredictable as it is colorful. Flow elements dominate the piece, and the colors separate the flow directions even further. The black rift down the middle is either the origin of the flow or the black hole into which it is all falling – we are not sure, maybe you will tell us? We appreciate customer feedback and discussion of the meaning of our artwork.

With colors ranging from flame red, to yellow, to blue and green, and to deep black, Random is suited for any color walls, but it is very unexpected and daring, with elements of chaos that may make it too provocative in rooms where relaxation is the main activity. It will help agitate the mind and add energy to areas where rapid activities are happening, such as open floor environments and “war rooms”. It is also a great conversation starter in large residential rooms where a substantial size glossy print is unlikely to stay unnoticed.


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