Black Winged Dragon

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The Black Winged Dragon is a legend, an all-powerful creature that has nothing to fear in the world, that can cover miles in a flash and wreak destruction or bestow a blessing at its will. Just imagine this, an unlimited power – all in a creature that answers only to its internal sense of what is right and wrong. A mystical, legendary Black Winged Dragon.

This masterpiece will become a center of any dark wall, and may be a welcome addition in a room of a young person who actually does understand magic, unlike people who think they have grown up beyond such silliness. Light colored walls may be overwhelmed but it depends, you should give it a shot using our Theme Designer service. Perhaps there is room for magic in your living room, after all.

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None of us have really seen a dragon. However, every one of us can readily picture one in our mind! How strange is that? The mysterious creatures with powers that defy the laws of nature, we all wish in the depth of our heart – where the childhood dreams live – that they were real.

This masterpiece is as unreal as it is dramatic. The glowing, fiery body of the dragon and its wide spread, black, faceted wings ignite the atmosphere around it. This masterpiece’s presence is larger than itself, if you look at it For a little while it makes you feel the wrath of the magical creature, the unlimited power of the swing of its wings, the sweeping grace of its flight. The Dragon with Black Wings, there are no creatures that can compare with your power!

This masterpiece will fit very well on a dark wall, particularly on a burgundy or red. It becomes a flash of fire on a dark background, it draws the eye and doesn’t let go until the viewer has looked from the left to the right along the dragon’s body, then across its wings. We wonder, what may uninitiated see when they view this amazing piece of art? Ask them when they see it at your home, and then tell them what it actually is.


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