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One of the few Liquid Colors in our collection dominated by purple, the Fantasia is very complicated and self contained. As a large, glossy print, it will make an excellent centerpiece on a large open wall and will not really need any complementary paintings around it. The abundance of fine details and color variations tend to capture the attention of the viewer and provoke discussion about what does the painting really depict.

A large format, high gloss implementation is highly recommended. A square crop is possible at the expense of a slight loss of perspective.

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Purple is not the color that Anna uses the most, so Fantasia is a rare masterpiece for TLC. Very complicated, with a wide range of element sizes and geometries. There are several twisting flow elements, which capture the eye and make it travel within the painting, discovering more and more fine details and color variations. The presence of bits of gold and green are unexpected and make the overall purple theme even more interesting.

The extremely fine details of Fantasia lend themselves to large, high gloss implementations. The original crop is best, as it delivers the most contrast in both color and shape, but a square crop is possible with only a small sacrifice in the impact.

Fantasia is well suited for pastel colored walls with any level of illumination. Dark blue, red, purple and even black walls will also benefit from this masterpiece. Dark green is probably the only challenging background for it.


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