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The Mudslide is a compromise between the stability of Earth and the movement and fleetingness of a stream. The viewer will begin looking at the piece in an alert state, when the eye is disturbed by the flow down the middle, then will be calmed and given confidence once the eye returns along the solid, unyielding earthy sides. Able to complement just about any decor scheme, the Mudslide is one of our most versatile liquid color masterpieces.

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The Earth theme is simple, solid and stable. Mudslide is on the edge of this, with some turbulence introduced into the stability of the Earth, where a wedge of flowing, frothy mix splits the earthy base in half but stops short in this masterpiece, terminated in a mix of color and fine detail. It makes the eye follow the turbulent stream of grays, browns and blues, and then return upward along the solid sides, leaving the feeling of winning stability.

This piece will look equally well on a white, eggshell, pastel or dark red, blue or brown wall, and will impress in either a large canvas variant or a high gloss metal print. Metal is the standard offering, but we will be glad to obey to your preferences and produce the variant you want.


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