Wild Coast

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These cliffs over New Zealand’s Gore Bay on an overcast day are an invitation to dream about visiting that beautiful country with its rolling hills, soaring mountains, fantastic wildlife and even better people.

When I look at them they remind me of the cool wind of the Pacific sweeping over the trees, the sun, whose rays were not hot at that time of the year, and of the never ending beautiful scenery of New Zealand.

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If you ask yourself, why photographing shorelines is always interesting, the answer may be, because they are never the same. Sometimes flat, sometimes covered with palm trees, and other times, bordered with 200 foot high cliffs. It is no surprise that this photograph is one of my favorites. Its warm colored, light cliffs are in such contrast with the dark green trees and the cold, grey ocean that it is hard to remain indifferent.

If you live in Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Charlotte or Houston, this photo on your wall will take you to the land far away, where they make wine, where seals splash in the surf and where mountains are actually 12,000 feet high from the base to the top because they start out from sea level. Only if you live somewhere near Gore Bay in New Zealand you might say, Nah, mate, I see this every day! – but even then you may look at is and decide that it was quite a beautiful evening when this picture was taken with a film camera.


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