Other Side of the Island

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A sunset over the northern shore of Cozumel, this photograph contains no man-made objects. Only the water, the sky, the sand and the rocks. This is how we wanted to remember it. This is what is on our own wall.

You can have it too. We will be flattered if you choose it to remind you how the daily stress may seem so petty and unimportant in comparison with the vastness of the ocean and the skies.

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Ocean and skies are the two greatest spectacles of nature. The endlessness of them is what most awes the humans. But when we go to the ocean, we often end up in a pampered environment and end up eating, drinking and having a good time. The ocean becomes a background for the vacation.

This time we have gone around the island of Cozumel to remind ourselves what the ocean and skies should be like. No people, no ships, no buildings. Just the sand, the rocks and the waves.

Welcome to the Other Side of the Island. This is our private hideout where to connect with the greatest openness in the world, the ocean and the sky.


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