Somewhere in Samoa

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American Samoa is relatively rarely visited by tourists. I think the locals would rather have it this way, actually. The land of beautiful shorelines and unspoiled beaches,  crabs and flying foxes, cliffs, islands and unforgettable sunsets. Take a look and if you like it, you can have a piece of the Samoan shoreline of your own, without taking anything away from this wonderful land far in the Pacific Ocean.

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American Samoa is not a classic tourist destination for Americans. A little too far to be easily flown to, a little to little infrastructure, it lays some 2,600 miles to the Southwest of Hawaii. Its sunsets are beautiful, its people are hospitable, its food is excellent. Its shores are jagged and rocky, and the jungle is dense. Its traditions are strong and deeply rooted.

And it has this small island near its shore somewhere along Route 1, not far from the Coconut Point, where the clouds in the sky follow the same contour as the rocks in the ocean. A typical, daily sunset in American Samoa. Why is it then that we are having a hard time taking our eyes off of it?..


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