Rarotonga Sunset

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Rarotonga, one of the Cook Islands, is a small speck of land to the East of American Samoa. It is a small island, and good people live there. They don’t mind when a visitor with a camera and a dreamy look on their face wanders along the shore in the evening and sits down, taking countless photos of the sunset from a spot that looks like nothing special to most.

But I know: this spot is special. It is special because it is yours. If you put it on your wall, it will be yours forever, even if you have never set foot on Rarotonga. It will be your place to disappear to for a few minutes when the life chases you into a corner. You belong here.

The Rarotonga Sunset will look its best on a light colored wall, which does not need to be sunlit. It is not a bright piece, and it will not accentuate a dark corner as well as some more daring themes might. It is meant to give you reprieve and solace, like it does for me.

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The ocean and the beach usually associate with vacations, happy times in the sun, cool drinks in your hand and jovial crowds of tourists frolicking around. This is enjoyable for a while. Does it happen to you that you get tired of this after a bit, and look for a quiet place on the ocean, just for yourself?

This beach on the island of Rarotonga is certainly one such place. Off the beaten path for most people, it can be a touristy spot for Aussies but even then, it is quiet by any Hawaiian standards. And on this one evening it was particularly peaceful. There was not a soul around, the tide was low, the wind was calm and the entire little world around me at the moment was quiet and belonged to me. Or did I belong to it? I think that was it! The world can’t belong to us, but if we are lucky, we can feel the moment of belonging to it.

This image of the quiet ocean sunset brings exactly that feeling. The thin, delicate branches in the foreground make you feel grounded and safe on the shore, but then your eyes wander farther into the distance, to the tidal flats at first, then to the distant horizon. It makes me long for the vastness of the ocean. Then your eyes travel back to the shore, where a warm glimpse of the sun is reflecting near the sand. It feels warm and like home. This place is yours. You belong to it. You belong with it. Look at it on your wall when you are stressed, look at it for a minute, and the stress that was on your shoulders like a bag of cement will recede and give place to the feeling that not all is lost yet, if there are places like this one – where you belong.


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