Tears of Autumn

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A small reminder of the summer that has passed, of the rains that have come, and of the circle of life, of which these pure droplets on an autumn leaf are just a tiny part. We hope that this photograph may invite you to slow down on a hectic day and think about the small things that are so important in our lives.

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When we are not in a hurry, when we allow ourselves to slow down and look around, we often realize that it is the little things that leave great impressions. We heard it from our friends, our parents have said it, and in the depth of the heart we know its true. Yet, it is so difficult to slow down and look at these little things. Well, we tried to make the little thing a little bigger and bring it out to where we can look at it every day. We called it the Tears of Autumn. Just a single aspen leaf with a few rain drops on it. Nothing, really. Or is it? Take a look at this little thing, and decide for yourself.


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