Spring Blossoms

$49.99 - $375.99

The Spring Blossoms has a subtle, calm background and contrasting, colorful, tender flowers, dripping wet with the recent snow melt. Spring is so temperamental in the Rocky Mountains, it changes from bright sun to snow several times a day, and we hope that it will bring this fleeting feeling with it into your room.

This photograph will look great in any finish, and will complement walls of almost any color.


Tender, light, alive, vulnerable, forever? Does any of these adjectives fit your feeling when you see blossoms like these in the spring, contrasted against the blue sky crossed by grey clouds, ready to send snow onto the blooms at any minute? All of these words came to our mind, yet the picture itself reminds us of the perseverance of life, which seems to reach up for the sun no matter what.

Beautiful, fragile and happy, this photograph has a calm, soothing presence. It seems to convey the feeling of what spring in the Rockies feels like.


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