Aspens in the Fall

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The beauty of golden aspens in the fall is simply impossible to ignore. We have spent countless hours admiring the aspens and taking photos. You will find quite a few fall color photographs on the Liquid Color site, and we invite you to create your own, personal “fall colors” collection.

This photograph has two variants, portrait and landscape. They are a little different, but both are beautiful. Pick the one you like better.

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Aspens in the fall are one of the greatest attractions of the Colorado mountains. The stunning beauty of the glowing, golden aspen trees only lasts a few short days in September. However, we have captured them for you. Portrait and landscape versions are available, each one better suited for certain situations. Take a look and choose the one you like better.

Aspens in the fall look great on any color wall except, probably, the dark green one. We recommend assembling a small collection of fall colors and displaying them when the fall comes. Such collections can emphasize the feeling that autumn brings to us, and remind us to get outdoors and see the fall colors for ourselves.


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