Indian Summer

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A very warm, peaceful photograph, the Indian Summer is such a simple shot of the fall Colorado foliage that it makes me wonder, why is it so mesmerizing. At times I would stop my office work in the winter, look at this photograph on my wall and my mind would take me back to the secluded creek, where in the shadows of the fir trees I have found this little branch, on out of hundreds, yet so different and special. Maybe it will have the same effect on you? I hope so.

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If you looked at a few of our photographs, you have probably noticed that we think that little things sometimes have big meanings. This photograph is another example of this line of thinking. In a small creek along the beautiful Peak to Peak Highway in Colorado, the fall shadows were deep and the fall leaves were sunlit. The day was calm, and the air was crisp. This little branch was so full of color that it captured our hearts, and we captured it on our camera.

It stayed with us ever since. We hope it will add a flash of the mild autumn sunlight to your day as well.


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