Real Gold

$49.99 - $375.99

The Real Gold of the Colorado mountain aspens is worth more than the metal gold. Its price can’t be measured in money. Its price is measured in heartbeats, in breaths of cold mountain air, in the droplets of rain on your face. It is measured in the only commodity that is priceless – in minutes and hours of your life. The minutes and hours you spend looking in awe at the Real Gold.

Take it home with you, and glance at it once in a while. If it makes you smile during your hard work day, it is repaying you with the only real currency in this life: happiness.


Fall is a magical time of the year everywhere where there are seasons. I think that it is particularly so in Colorado, where the aspens turn the mountains into a gigantic gold melting pot. This is what we captured on this photograph. The glowing red and gold of the aspens backed up by the dark green of the coniferous forest of the far-away mountains – this is what I think the real gold of this world is.

This photograph will look great printed on high gloss materials, and a large size canvas will look excellent too. It will light up any wall it is placed onto, and is particularly well suited for a pastel wall where you can rotate a series of seasonal landscape photos.


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