Hanging on

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Some trees that grow on the brink of Bryce Canyon have had soil wash away from under them. They end up standing high on their exposed roots, which are now part of their trunks. This particular one looks like it is reaching for something that we can’t see.

I hope it stands there for many more decades to come, and no vandal causes it any harm.

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Surviving on the edge is an art that some living things have mastered at an amazing level. This tree lives on the edge of Bryce Canyon, and it probably has seen it all. Rain, snow, thunderstorms, mudslides and grazing animals – everything had worked to do away with it. Yet it clings to life, standing up on its exposed roots, as if issuing a challenge to everything around it.

The only thought I had when I took pictures of this surviver was, please, don’t let a human, the “king of nature”, cut you down. That is probably the only evil force you have no defense from.


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