Silent Witness

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When I see old trees, dead or living, they always make me think of the times past, and of the things that these silent sentinels have witnessed. They saw thousands of sunsets and sunrises, they saw bears and coyotes walk by, they saw the cliffs crumple – a little bit, maybe. They were here before we came, and they will be here after we are gone. They are not forever, but they are so much more forever than we are, I can’t help but stop in awe every time I see one.

Do you feel the same? If not, I understand, please move on; if you do, maybe you want this photo on your wall or on your desk. To keep watching you, as you life goes on. Forever.

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In the Park Avenue of the Arches National Park, an ancient tree stands, watching the people and eons go by. The busy hikers, looking down at their feet and grabbing water bottles from their waist; the mothers with children, eating cookies to get enough energy for another 100 feet of the trail; the 200-foot cliffs, which were here before even a hint of humanity showed up on the horizon of history.

And the single, silent tree, which had seen it all.

What have you seen? What are you pointing at with your dead branches? How many passers by even noticed you are there, watching them?


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