Oriental Motive

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A wet day in Tennessee provided for some uncommon perspectives on common landscapes. This lone tree on a rock outcropping seems to have originated in the Orients, however it is 100% U.S. made 🙂

A calm, quiet and contemplative picture, this photograph can balance a room that is usually agitated, such as a meeting room or a break room in a busy office complex.

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The rainy day in Tennessee was daunting: water came down in buckets, and visiting State Parks was not high on anybody’s list. The wet and foggy weather and absence of other people made for some very interesting photographs, this particular one resembling a landscape in Japan more so than the one in Tennessee.

A nice addition to light colored walls, this photograph has a calm, contemplative presence. It can serve well as a balancing element near the coffee station in an office area or in a break room.


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