Mount Convent

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As enjoyable for everyone to view as it was for us to take, this late fall image of Mount Convent has rich blue and red colors, and very high contrast, being set against the white snow. It really stands out on light colored walls, and looks especially nice in large format prints. We have visited the Convent since specifically to try to duplicate this photograph but we keep coming back to this one – it is simply the best.

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There are no other places like Utah, as far as the stark landscapes go. And there is probably very few landscape themes that can compare in the visual impact to the red sandstone Utah formations when they are covered in white snow. Blue skies, red rock and white snow make for a truly stunning images.

This is the prominent Convent in the Monument Valley of Utah. It may be a common sight for people traveling to Moab, but this time it was truly spectacular. The deep blue sky, the shadows and the brilliant snow simply blew our mind. We spent a long time and hundreds of megabytes of digital film on this instance of Convent, and we hope that you will be equally impressed with the result.

Brilliant blue and red colors of this photograph and high contrast with the snow make it a great fit for walls of any color, including the challenging dark blue and red.


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