The Golden Road

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As the gold-leafed aspens line a mountain road in Colorado in the fall, we know – the best season of the year is here. The crisp and cold mountain air calls us, and we leave the cities to go up the slopes, to watch the blue skies, the crystal clear rivers and the golden aspens, one more time, while we still can.

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If you ask someone to say one word to describe fall in Colorado, you will likely hear “aspens”. The iconic gold of the fall in the Rockies covers the slopes for a brief week or so, to shed and disappear until the next year.

This photograph, taken on the road to Niwot Ridge, is what Colorado looks like in the fall, when the air is crisp, the sky is blue and the forest is pure gold. Come and see for yourself, and if you can’t this year – you can have this picture to remind you and keep inviting you to come.


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