Sun in the Wind

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The Sun in the Wind makes its subtle impact in three ways that we have noticed. Its brightness against a bland background makes it a focal point of a wall. Secondly, its subtle details remind the viewer of the small, simple things that they knew about when they were little, but which may have faded into the distance when we grew up. And lastly, its windy nature makes the viewer shiver a little and instinctively follow with their eyes to the right – where you will have the next piece displayed, guiding the viewer through the complete tour that you have orchestrated to create the mood that you wanted. We can help you achieve this with our Theme Designer service.

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Gaillardia aristata. It is so cut and dry in Latin. But it is not at all, in reality. The winds at 10,000 feet whipped this flower around, and it looked as if it would have lost its petals and would be bedraggled and sad. But no! This amazing little sun on Earth persevered and kept his bright colored flower alive. With its stem covered in the dense little hairs like an arctic fox, the plant looked impervious to the elements. Anna crawled on her knees for good half an hour around it, and managed to capture a few pictures that relay the moment – the cold wind, the single, fragile flower holding its own against it, in the cool of the Rocky Mountains near the Caribou Flats.

Standing out against a grey background, the little Sun is likely to remind you of the small things. The small things that are infinitely important to all of us, yet those that we so frequently ignore in the daily hustle and bustle. The Sun in the Wind will accentuate a pastel colored wall, making the eye move to the flower and then follow in the direction of the wind, naturally leading the viewer to your next piece of art. This piece will also lighten up a dark wall if a stretch of dark wall looks a little too heavy.


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