Plumerias in the Blue

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The white-and-gold plumeria set against the horizon of the dark blue waters of the Pacific makes for a stunning display. Coming to your wall from the island of Guam, this plumeria will complement the wall of any color. It looks prefect on a light colored background and tends to illuminate and highlight a dark colored wall, such as a blue or burgundy one. It may seem a strange combination, so if you have a doubt, send us a picture of your wall and we will show you what this photograph will look like displayed on it.

This photograph looks it best in a high gloss finish. We really like the inexpensive 16×20 metal print, although even a framed 12×18 or similar photo paper variant looks excellent, especially when accompanied by a few other plumeria theme photographs to create a little tropical island corner in your hallway.

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Without a doubt, plumerias are our most favorite flower to photograph. Our collection of plumeria photographs would allow you to decorate the entire house, without repeating any photographs in any room. This particular flower comes from the island of Guam. The delicate beauty of the white-and-gold plumeria, set against the cool blue of the Pacific, made Pavel hunt for a good angle for over an hour until this particular photograph was taken. The fortunate position of the place on the northwest shore of Guam made it possible to wait for the sunset and then take advantage of the amazing natural light that this remote island has to offer.

The cool background of this photograph with the contrasting glow of the sunny, golden middle of the flowers allows this photograph to display successfully on a wide variety of backgrounds. Light colors like peach, green and eggshell are a natural fit. But interestingly, dark walls receive this photograph very well too. It tends to illuminate the dark wall, almost being another small source of light.


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