Desert Bloom

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The warm, sunny glow of the cactus flower attracted us just as it did the bees. Waiting for the perfect light was not a burden, we loved every second of watching the petals change their iridescence and present us with ever-changing, beautiful little secret hidden in the depth of the San Diego’s Botanical Gardens.

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How can one not notice the startling contrast of the inhospitable cactus plant itself with its glowing, fragile, nebulous flowers? When the sun hits the petals just right, the flower lights up like a little sun itself against the dark background of the cactus’ skin and needles. Rarely two cactus blossoms look the same, even if they all share the amazing, delicate beauty. We particularly like the high gloss prints of this photograph, which bring out the brightness of the flower and contrast it superbly against the background.


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