Simply Columbine

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Simply Columbine. The Colorado State flower. A simple, fragile beauty of the Rocky Mountains. They are as varied as anything, or more so, and every flower is a story of beauty of its own. We chose this one from the hundreds of photos of columbines in our collection, for its character. It is slightly imperfect, yes. Yet it is beautiful, and will make the viewer look at it over and over again, discovering the little details of the filaments and petals, and perhaps wondering what made it grow into the shape it did.

We are convinced by experience that the tones of the Columbine will fit in with light color interiors, combining with other flower motives for a calm, thoughtful, detached mood. That said, it is worth experimenting with these images for dark colored walls. If you like it and want to see if it will fit, take a look at our Theme Designer service and we will show you how we think the Simply Columbine can complement your room.

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The State Flower of Colorado, the columbine can’t be over-praised. Delicate, pristine, cool and outstanding, the flower is truly noteworthy. Countless photos of columbines can be found all over the Internet. Yet, we dare to bring you a few of our own. This one is from a valley to the North of Nederland, Colorado, on the Peak to Peak Highway, one of America’s most scenic drives. This columbine grew in a secluded aspen grove, in deep shade and it showed – its petals were deformed a little, and it had almost no neighbors. It was the sole fighter in its little spot, and it made it, best it could, and it was perfect, in our eyes.

The deep green, yellow and white of the Columbine will be in harmony with any interior, except, perhaps, red in some cases. Even then we would take up the challenge to verify that it in fact does not fit in. As the image on our front page shows, the Columbine can work well with the Sun in the Wind, even though the two share little as far as their backgrounds and primary colors are concerned. This once again tells us that perception of beauty, different as it is for different people, still is not a precise science and experimenting may yield a surprising result.


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