Bee and Blossom

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The hard working bee visiting a flower in the spring of the Rocky Mountains is a familiar sight, but is also a rare and lucky catch for a photographer. Photographed without any staging, this bee was busy working the tree when Anna caught her in the act. Hours of waiting at that particular flower of that particular tree paid off! Now you can enjoy looking at this amazing little busy creature, laden with pollen, and she will remind you of the spring and your childhood, when you had the time to actually stop and look at the bees, buzzing around a tree in the grandma’s garden.

This photograph has a wide array of colors and fits surprisingly well into just about any room decor. It may be worth adding another photograph from our springtime line to continue the decorating idea that the Bee and Blossom starts. Just search out site for the “springtime” tag.


Springtime. Need we say anything else? The air is warm, and the breath of spring comes even to the higher elevations where this photo was taken. The bees were visiting this tree a lot, and Anna stood by it for two hours, trying to catch a moment when a bee would come to the flower. And it eventually did! A testament to the photographer’s patience and to some degree luck, this photograph shows you the purposeful approach of the little worker to the flower. She is laden with pollen, and she is busy visiting one flower after another. Before long she will be back on one of her thousands of trips to the hive. And then she will leave again, looking for more flowers, pollinating them and bringing the fruit for all of us in the fall.

This gentle photograph has a surprising array of colors in it. Suited equally well for a blue, red or pastel colored wall, it will look its best in a high gloss implementation. It will be difficult to print it larger than 16×20 but up to that size, it will look excellent. We have other motives of the spring fruit blossoms which, you may find, look very well together with the Bee and Blossom.


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