Pinecone Candle

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This single pine cone is pure and stands out quite dramatically from the surrounding grey-greens of the rest pf the pine tree. This photograph will make a great addition to any room in a mountain cabin, reminding you about why do you have a mountain cabin in the first place. It is because you love the forest. It is because you love the quiet, humble yet magnificent life of the forest around your cabin. This simple small symbol of the everlasting forest rebirth can be part of your room for years to come.

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Pinecones are neat, no matter how you look at them. They can be huge or small. Their symmetry is bewitching, as it begs the question, what on Earth made the scales on this minuscule reproductive part become so interlaced and perfectly alternating? And then again, they are simply neat to look at, especially when they are the focus of your attention.

This photograph, taken in a small city park, shows the simple beauty of our everyday plant. It may not be as astounding on its own as some of the orchids or plumerias, but this photo in its simplicity combines very well with others in the same rustic, Northern forest theme. It will complement a wall of a cabin very well, and remind you of the forest behind the walls, and of the beauty that you never become tired of witnessing.


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