On the Edge

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The lone plumeria flower that fell into the fountain in the morning was clinging to the spill edge, almost falling down every second. The warm sea breeze was moving through the palm trees and the plumerias, and a light rain was about to start. Nobody was out yet at that hour in the morning, and the simple star of the plumeria flower balancing on the edge of the fountain was there for just me and nobody else – but now it is here for you, too.

This photograph has a calming, retrospective presence and is well suited for a light colored wall but if you like it and wonder how would it look like on your wall, check out our free Theme Designer service and we will place it on your virtual wall to take look. It will surprise you how versatile flower photographs are.

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This plumeria of a purple-and-gold variety is from the island of Guam. Like little stars, plumeria flowers dot the grass, sidewalks and ponds in the morning before anyone has a chance to make the place neat again by cleaning them out. This flower fell into a fountain and drifted all the way to the spill edge, barely hanging on to the ledge. The waves were rocking it back and forth and it looked like it will fall down any moment, yet it hung on and never fell. Pavel spent a long time watching the little flower, and you can too, thinking about the warm and humid air of the tropical island, and the clouds overhead, and the rain that will shower the ground soon, and the sea breeze that quietly moves though the palm trees and plumerias, shedding the little, fragrant flower stars onto the ground.

This photograph will look its best on a light colored background. It does not have to be illuminated well but if it is, the flower will really stand out and shine like the little star it was at that moment on that tropical Pacific island.


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