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All hummingbirds are amazing, and the rufous is definitely a gem to behold. More rare than the rubys in Colorado, the rufous is an ever-busy, fast flying little comet. Super fast wing beat and incredible maneuverability make this tiny bird difficult to capture, so we consider ourselves lucky to have this profile shot, made even nicer by the generously spread out tail feathers 🙂

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A tiny, 4-gram nucleus of unstoppable energy, the rufous hummingbird is an amazing creature. This rust-colored neutrino migrates up to 3,200 km twice a year – a feat that a human can’t even consider without the aid of technology. Boisterous, aggressive and always busy, the rufous is a pleasure to watch any time you get the opportunity. We were lucky to capture this picture when the bird alighted momentarily on a branch near our camp site, and he has been with us ever since.


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