Little Sun

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The glowing yellow flower of this California cactus is guarded by the fearsome sharp spines, as if saying, look at me but don’t think of anything reckless! I am amazing, fragile and rare but I am well protected by what is around me.

This photograph really lightens up the wall it is placed on. It fits very well with any wall, and becomes a focal point of light even on a wall that lacks natural illumination. The glowing flower draws the eye, and then the viewer reflects on the surrounding array of spines, complementing the fragile beauty of the flower itself. A real highlight of any room, this is one photograph we keep rotating in and out in our living room ourselves.

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The cacti are amazing. Unwelcoming and foreboding, they tell everyone to stay away. But once in a while they open up in an amazing display of beauty that no other plant can match. Fragile, glowing flowers open up among the sharp needles, and if the sun has a chance to touch one then they really light up.

This photograph, taken at the San Diego Botanical Garden, shows one of these occasions. The flower on the cactus just glows in the sun, as if it were a little sun of its own. The actual image that will be printed for you is slightly larger on the upper side and sets the flower into a nice contrast with the dissolving dog hair of spines at the top of the photograph.

This photograph looks its best as a high gloss image. We loved it in a 16×20 metal implementation, but any of the high end acrylic finishes are sure to bring out the best in it as well. Canvas will be less flattering.


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