South Bryce Canyon Panorama

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The southern side of the Bryce Canyon lies outside the most popular area of the park. Horse and game trails run along the edge of the canyon. This photo was taken on an early morning after I had a chance encounter with a coyote, who kept following my dog and me until he descended into the canyon as I was taking this picture.

The original has the aspect ratio of 1:2, and that is the ratio I suggest maintaining when ordering this photograph. If you prefer a more square crop, some of the content will be lost on the sides.

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This South Bryce Canyon panorama is taken off the beaten path. The weather was stormy and the light was amazing, golden yellow against the dark sky. While there are no iconic Bryce vertical hoodoos in this area, the steep slopes of yellow sandstone presented such contrast with the skies that we just had to share this photograph with you.

A minute before this photograph was taken a coyote ran along the rim of the canyon and headed down into it along the second descending ridge on the right. He is still there, somewhere.


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