Bristlecone Pine Trail View

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When you see the Rainbow Mountain from the Bristlecone Pine loop trail, it is a beautiful sight. The bright red and white rock stands is striking contrast with blue skies, and the green pine trees add to the colors. The ancient bristlecone pines make you stop and think about how fleeting our lives are. The vast expanse in front of us invites the eye to travel farther and farther.

The original aspect ratio of this photograph is just about 1:2, so it prints well on moderate size panoramic prints. It will make a great addition to any room or a mountain cabin.

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On the south end of the Bryce Canyon road there is Bristlecone Pine trail. It is a small loop, with amazing views to the southeast. The ridge that you see starts with the Rainbow Mountain, and the Promontory ridge falls away into the distance. Visitors can also see the Rainbow mountain from the Yovimpa point, and that view is beautiful as well. However, the full view of the mountain only opens from the Bristlecone Pine trail.

The amazing red, white and grey rock forms a stunning contrast with the green trees and blue skies. Endless wilderness opens up in front of your eyes, and invites you to come and visit. And we will, right? – some day. Until then, we will keep this amazing panorama on our wall.


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