Print Quality Explained

Visual Impact

Paper prints, framed or stand-up

Canvas prints

Metal prints

Acrylic prints

Acrylic Fuji Flex prints

Lumachrome Acrylic prints

At Liquid Color Images we offer a variety of print types to suit the needs of all customers. From small desktop stand-up prints to 30×40″ museum quality wall art, we can help you find what you want. In the order of generally increasing quality and cost, the print options include:

  • Photo paper prints that you can have framed as you prefer, in a variety of sizes.
  • Photo paper prints mounted on a foam board backing: these are good for desk stand-ups or rotating wall gallery.
  • Canvas prints on a stretch frame. Canvas has less sharpness but can be printed very large, and looks great from a few steps away. Please note that in canvas prints the edges of the canvas wrap around the frame, so approximately 1″ of the image on each side appears on the edge of the finished picture.
  • Metal prints: these come ready to hang, and deliver excellent detail and sharpness. The larger ones are especially stunning.
  • Acrylic prints: these have a three-dimensional look and appear almost alive, and come ready to hang. They cost more but for some photos they will have the best look. They can also be printed quite large.
  • FujiFlex acrylic prints: these are special order and come in a variety of finishes. If you have a very high set of standards for the presentation of your prints, and, for example, want your dog to look almost alive on the picture, we can order these for you.
  • Lumachrome gallery prints: the ultimate materials, mounted on museum grade acrylic panels, result in unparalleled presentation quality and visual impact.

Your TLC team member will be happy to discuss these options with you and help you choose the best one for your intended display location, lighting and the kind of picture itself.