Pet Photography Details


It is your pet, your friend and your companion. Tell me how you think it is best to photograph them, so that there is minimal stress to them from a stranger being around. Inside your home? Sure, just let me know in advance so I can prepare for an indoor shoot. In the back yard? That is probably the easiest, since they will be busy in the familiar environment and I can catch them in their usual act. On a walk? That’s my favorite. Your dog will be sniffing, researching and checking out everything, and that’s the most fun part.

My personal favorite photo shoot is on a trail walk, when your dog is off leash. The angles they will present are as unlimited as their expressions. They find things, they come to you, they play. But if you prefer to keep your dog on the leash or there is no place to go off leash, its Ok too – we will find great angles anyway.

The most flattering light to photograph your dog is in the early morning or in the evening, when the sun is low. Even so, good photos can be taken at any time of the day. Overcast conditions are not a showstopper, although the most dramatic shots are usually those with the sun on the dog.


The package you select includes a number of Best Shots of the day, which will be delivered to you for your review either in digital form or as 4×6 prints if you prefer. From these you will select the images you want printed as part of your package. Not every shot will lend itself equally well to every type of print – some will look better in a certain crop ratio, some will look best smaller, some will look best on canvas or on metal or maybe in black and white. I will make suggestions based on my experience but the choice is yours. It usually takes a week to print the images after you select them; this is done either locally or in a remote photo lab depending on the material, size and finish of the print.

In addition to the prints included in the package, any image from the best shots of the day can also be ordered separately as a print of any type. Please take a look at the discussion of the print options to help you choose.


When you make an appointment online you will have an option to pay a deposit or the full package price. If you choose to pay the deposit, it will apply towards the cost of the chosen package. The balance of the package price will be charged when we meet for the shoot.


  • Deposits are fully refundable if requested no later than 24 hours prior to the booked appointment.
  • Deposits are non-refundable for customer no-shows.
  • For full price payments, the entire payment is fully refundable if requested no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.
  • For full price payments in case of a customer no-show, a $50 no-show fee will be withheld from the refund amount.
  • If I have to cancel the shoot for personal reasons, the payment will be fully refunded and a discount for a future shoot will be offered.

If the shoot site is located farther than 25 miles from Longmont, CO, a $0.40 / mile travel fee will be added to the order for the mileage in excess of 50 miles, round trip. If the travel fee applies I will notify you of the amount in advance.