TLC Team

You may have noticed that the first letters of The Liquid Color are TLC. So, please meet your TLC team.


A graduate of an art school in Russia, Anna has had interest in photography and art all her life. She can often be found hiking the mountains in the fall, looking for the perfect imprint of an aspen leaf on the blue Colorado sky. Whether choosing the perfect snowflake that fell in front of her camera in the winter blizzard, or waiting for the clouds to cover just the right part of Bryce Canyon, she yearns to capture the dream shot and share it with you. She loves mixing paints to create flowing images that resemble what she saw in nature, or whatever she imagined today. Through this site she seeks to share her vision of beauty with you, and she hopes that you will join her in watching the liquid colors flow.


Pavel has spend hundreds of hours kneeling, crawling and running with a camera in his hands, trying to catch dogs in their element. In love with dog photography, Pavel will meet sunrises and sunsets catching the character showing moments that each dog presents every minute. He also likes other candid opportune styles of photography such as weddings and parties, where he tries to relay the spirit of the event through a series of guest character photos that will remind you of the emotion of that moment forever.


Anton is our team member in the state of Wyoming. Living there with his lovely wife and dog, Anton advises us on the web site, tests new developments and supports our work in the Cheyenne area. Light natured and easy going, Anton will listen to customers' concerns and follow through until they are addressed.
Cust Serv


Alex is a fellow artist whose focus is character art, namely superheroes. Alex helps with naming the Liquid Colors, editing web site content and doing artwork quality control. Detail oriented and thorough, Alex makes sure that every detail entrusted to him is perfected.


Her full name is Chiflada. Affectionally known as Chif, Chifli and Lada, she is originally from Patagonia, the Southern Chile. A former street dog, Chiflada is a character with the manners of a princess. She gets lots of walks, and loves to run through the fields and along trails. She provides Pavel with endless opportunities to hone his dog photography skills. Smart as a whip and endlessly devoted, she is a delight to have around and an inspiration in our creative work at The Liquid Color.